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Studio & Gallery

Thinking & Exploring Life Through the Making of Art


To My Studio & Gallery

The studio is a fun, exciting place filled with opportunities to learn & grow. There are many hours invested before an artwork leaves the easel or the studio. This introductory landing page, contains photos I snapped around my studio. There are links below to three methods of artmaking I like to eplore: Acrylic Pointillism, Coldwax Medium & Oil, & Mixed Media.

The Work Begins in the Studio

I never tire of the surprises that happen in the studio. Certainly, I plan. That doesn't mean the final outcome looks exactly like I imagined at the start.

The Organic Nature of Structure #1

Working in Acrylics

Initially, the use of acrylics in the creating of pointillist works had as much to do with drying time as it did with the amazing range of colors available.

There are two brands of acrylics used in my work. Nova Color is a company I discoverd while living in Los Angeles. I also use Golden Paints, their line of mediums and textural materials.

Work & Play

I like to keep a wide range of supplies on hand in the studio. Some of these, I know how I want to use; oils & coldwax medium for example. Others, are there for inspiration and fun. Sometimes, it's necessary to play & leave my comfort zone in order to come up with new & engaging ideas. Creativity doesn't come in a box.

Follow the links below to essays exploring art techniques, materials & specific genres : Search the Gallery subheadings in the main menu for examples of work.

Dots of pigment are like the atom or molecule. Each 'point' a sub-unit in something larger.

Abstract explorations using oil paint, coldwax mediums and mixed media.

Acrylics, mixed media, gold leaf, metallics, decorative acrylic plasters and materials.

A (man's) work is nothing but his slow trek to rediscover, through the detours of art, those two or three great and simple images in whose presence his heart first opened up.

Albert Camus

Colored Pencils to Gouache

Art materials of all kinds are fun to use. I may not create many finished pieces for exhibit or sale, but I enjoy the time I spend using them. I find it informative, fun & sometimes frustrating. But everything seems to feed right back into my pointillism.

Every artist has their favorite tools or techniques ... sometimes many. The art studio can be a messy place. I need to stop between creative bursts of energy and take time to reorganize and clean up a little bit in order to keep my focus where I want it. I need to mentally recharge.