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Who I am

Being an artist

Postcard from Hawai'i: Biographical Notes

Thinking & Exploring Life Through the Making of Art

Artist Bio

Artist on Hawaii Island

Craig Allen Lawver lives and paints on the Island of Hawaii. He is known widely for his acrylic pointillism. Lawver finds inspiration in science, lifeforms and the diverse landscape of the tropical islands around him.

Craig travels frequently between the islands that form the Hawaiian archipelago. He has exhibited his work in festivals & galleries in FloridaCaliforniaOregon and Hawai’i.


Craig's primary artistic focus is Pointillism, but accepts no limits on his creative investigations. Lawver also works in Oil & Coldwax and Mixed Media and explores concepts and ideas across the genres of fine art and decorative painting materials. Lawver searches and explores areas of intersection existing in material, techniques, ideas and perception.


Craig is a process driven artist. Existing in minutiae, he feels interconnected with all that is around him. His work is a response to the smallest of details in the enormity of existence. Lawver uses art as a tool to think about the vast and all-encompassing web of life.

Painting and creative writing, are his central tools in examining and thinking about both the external and the internal worlds he engages with as a human being.


Lawver grew up in the state of Ohio. Longing for sunshine, he explored the state of Florida in his 20s, which he called home for a number of years. He would move from Sarasota to Miami before eventually, moving to San Diego, California, following an informative trip.

Later he moved to Palm Springs and, after nearly a decade on to Los Angeles, where he stayed for almost four years and met the man that would later become his husband.

Portland, Oregon was Lawver's last stop on the mainland road prior to moving to the tropics. Craig lived in the vividly green, and very wet, Pacific Northwest for nearly four years.

He now lives on the rainy side of the Big island, downslope of the island's famous volcanos. Happily married to fellow artist, Rodney Sean Rauch, he continues to be inspired by life and the natural world.