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The journey begins ...

An Online Journal of Art & Ideas

Thinking & Exploring Life Through the Making of Art

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Pointillism & Acrylic

The art of pointillism using acrylic paint. Textured and dynamic, these tactile works beg to be touched. Acrylic paints, acrylic texture mediums and metallic paints are all part of the palette.

My root inspiration for these works can be found in the divisionist painting of Georges Seurat, Paul Signac, and Giovanni Segantini among others.

Equally influential, are the works of the Australian Aboriginals and their dot paintings. Drawing from deep cultural wellsprings these works inform my abstract works as much as the work of European or American artists.


Life is as the sea, art a ship in which man conquers life's crushing formlessness, reducing it to a course, a series of swells, tides and wind currents inscribed on a chart.

Ralph Ellison

Coldwax Medium & Oil Paint

Abstract explorations using coldwax medium, oil paint and various mixed media. Pastels, oil bars, graphite, and a wide range of media all combine into unique visual statements.

There is freedom and energy working with coldwax and oils. These works are a method of exploring color, structure and opacity that carries over into my pointillist works in subtle and surprising ways.

Using a variety of media in addition to the traditional ones of oil and coldwax, these painterly and abstracted explorations provide me a place to think about the nature of the visual image and my relationship to my subjects.

gallery-symbols & cyphers

The artist produces for the liberation of his soul. It is his nature to create as it is the nature of water to run down hill.

W. Somerset Maugham

Creativity & Mixed Media

Creativity begins with permission to play. We know this instinctively as children, but somehow it is lost, as we become adults. Learning begins with play and embracing this philosophy can be challenging in a society that determines our worth by net.

Made for your Walls. Bridging the divide between 2-Dimensional paintings and 3-Dimensional sculpture. Designed to assume physical space and internal thought. 

I intend these works to transend the boundaries established by individual disciplines and dance along the edges where they merge. Inspired by science, the natural world and it's complex forms. 

gallery-experimental works

Deep Dive

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A dot of pigment is analogous to the molecule or atom. Each a sub-unit and building block to something larger.

Abstract explorations using oil paint, coldwax mediums and mixed media.

Acrylics, mixed media, gold leaf, metallics, decorative acrylic plasters and materials.

An artist consciously moves in a direction which for some good reason he takes, putting one work in front of the other with the hope he'll arrive before death overtakes him.

John Cage

Online Shop & Galleries

Original Art, Prints, Giclees & Custom Work Available

Passionate about beetles and butterflies? Find Species of the World in my Shop.


    Acrylic Pointillist paintings

    Archival papers and inks

    Hand-embellished on stretched canvas.

Aldis Riegel (Vienna School of Art History) emphasised an obvious but previousl ignored phsycological aspect of art : That art is incomplete without the perceptual and emotional involvement of the viewer. Not only do we collaborate with the artist in transforming a 2-dimensional figurative image on canvas into a 3-dimensional depiction of the visual world, we interpret what we see on canvas in personal terms adding meaning to the picture.

Charles A. Riley II

Clones & Color : Fundamental to most Living Things

The Production of a Population of Genetically Identical Cells

Down a Rabbit Hole

Typically, I don't build websites. But this online space is one of my creative projects. In thinking about the virtual presentation of my artwork, I realized I wanted to set the tone & context. I desired control over not just the art included, but over the color, form & total content of the entire site. It is important to put a framework around our work as artists. The framework I desire considers thoughts & inspirations behind my artmaking, as well as the images that compose my body of work. It considers style & page-builders too. The challenge has been & continues to be, incredibly interesting. I find myself being pushed in new directions & ways of thinking. The process has established an order to my portfolio & essays. I doubt I've followed too many of the rules in putting all this together. It is a work in progress ...


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