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Charting a course

Discover : index


... and welcome to my Site-Map, Guide & Outline Page. This page is a portal & index to my artwork, inspirations, thoughts, sources & resources. Where possible or appropriate, titles & subjects have links. This is my Online Journal of Art & Ideas.

This page is designed to make browsing the depth & breadth of this site easier. In a nutshell, it tells you where everything is ... Please, fell free to share my Gallery & Journal Entries. Art is also about community building. This online project is a meditative work in progress.


Charting the Course : Navigating this Site

Craig Allen Lawver : An Online Journal of Art and Ideas

Thinking & Exploring Life Through the Making of Art

Setting Intention

... to provide context & content. To make > craigallenlawver.art < a visually rich, informative online environment filled with art, thoughts on the creating of artwork & those fields of study I find interesting.

In the broadest sense, we can propose from a science perspective that we are a part of an interconnnected system, and the fundamental element of that system is energy and information ... 'relationships' and our 'relational self ' can be envisioned as how we share energy and information.

Daniel J. Siegel

I've included a lot of content on this site ...

There's narrative rooted in the arts, science & history; woven with quotes, observation & reflection

Galleries, news & more ...

> "Journal" - observations on being an artist, my work: notes and quotations by scientists, authors and artists of all genres.

Grab that coffee, stay ...

> send me a note. Join the Newsletter. Help me build community, reach out. Art is a wonderful place to meet.

A place to start ...

> you're interested in my process, my art & the inspiration behind its execution & creation. This page is a lay of the landscape.

Made to aid your travels ...

> look for links to other areas on the site. It's a map – with embedded cyber links!

My contention is that the cognitive operations called thinking are not the priviledge of mental processes above and beyond perception but the essential ingredients of perception itself.

Rudolp Arnheim

Landing Page

" Main Menu " – is the first-level / main navigation heading of the website. There are eight primary categories in the Main Menu each with their own specific subcategories. They include the following:

Home >

" Home Page " – is the page on which you first landed. Scrolling down the page you will find direct links to specific areas on this site, interesting quotes and other relevant information. I hope it is not, but it might be the only place you visit. So, I wanted to make it as interesting and as rewarding of your time as possible.

Home >

" Logo " – is on every page and will follow you around. Anytime you hoover over it a drop-down business card will appear. You can also make use of the search bar and the support features at the top right of the page. You can also follow links to my social media sites.

Main Menu >

" About " - you will find four second-level menu items. They include the following.

About >

" Site-Map " - is the outline of this website. What your looking at right now. It is a great starting point and a roadmap.

About >

Event Portfolio

" Event Portfolio " – a page with visual ephemeral collected from exhibitions where I’ve been honored to participate.

About >

Curriculum Vitae

" Curriculum Vitae " - is a list of exhibitions, awards or community organizations I’ve been privileged to be a part of, and the amazing galleries where you can find, or may have seen, my work.

Curriculum Vitae >


" Statement " - every artist has one. Sometimes several. This one is inclusive of my work across all the genres in which I like to think and explore.

About >


" Biography " - a little bit about me. But to be honest – the whole site is about me.

Nature uses only the longest threads to weave her patterns, so each small piece of her fabric reveals the organization of the entire tapestry.

Richard Feyman

Main Menu : Gallery

Lay Out

" Gallery " - in the Main Menu. Under this heading you will find four distinct second-level menus. They are the specific topics of: Pointillism, Oil & Coldwax, Mixed-Media - each with has it's own subcategories. It begins with a catagory for installation work.


Gallery >


" Pointillism " – is the first selection listed under Gallery, this second-level page opens with a recent and select gallery of curated works. You will find under this second-level menu item nine third-level subcategories divided into the following general subject areas.

Gallery >

Cold Wax & Oil

" Oil & Coldwax " – is the second listing under Gallery, this second-level page opens with a recent and select gallery of curated works in the mediums of Coldwax and oil paint. There is only one third-level subcategory under this menu item.

Gallery >

Mixed Media

" Mixed-Media & Materials " – is a second level menu item, the third listed under Gallery. It is subcategorized into five specific third-level menus. They are a little bit random and wide ranging.

The principles that operate in the world are general ones, and you can sometimes read them as clearly in a small corner as in a big vista.

Philip Ball

Torch Ginger 1

acrylic pointillism on canvas

Orchid 1

acrylic pointillism on canvas


acrylic pointillism on canvas


a complete list of items, typically in some systematic order

"Ocean World"

> The waters and oceans surrounding us, and the life forms found in their depths.


> The world beneath our feet and in front of our eyes.


> The vast and sky stretching into the outer limits of the cosmos and into the inner worlds of my mind.

"Insect Specimens"

> Beetles, Butterflies primarily. The goal is to include many other forms of this amazing group.


> Getting to the basics

"Under the Microscope"

> Inspired by the things too small to be seen by the unaided eye.

"Cell Series"

> Inspired by cellular structures and the microbial world.

"Clones & Replicants"

> Color field painting with a pop-art pointillist twist.


> I first began working in pointillism using sharpie markers, technical pens and worked in Black & White. Some of the works in this category are more than a few years old. In putting images together for this page, I realized how much I enjoy working in different styles and with materials of all kinds.

Superstition is the poetry of life. Both invent imaginary beings. Both sense the strangest connections between real tangible elements - an interplay of sympathies and antipathies. Superstition does no harm to the poet, because he can turn his half-delusions to advantage in a variety of ways. 


Blue Irregularities

acrylic pointillism on canvas

Cypher # 2

oils, pgment sticks, cold wax on panel

Brightness Lies Within

acrylic pointillism on canvas


a complete list of items ... typically


> is my preferred way to approach the mediums of Coldwax and oils. Pointillism is, by its very nature, a tight and controlled technique. I was looking for a way to loosen up a bit and try some color options and choices out before doing a larger pointillist pieces when I happened upon coldwax medium.


more a gathering of loose ends put in some kind of systematic order

"Symbols & Cyphers"

> works created using a variety of styles and techniques. There is pointillism here, but also Coldwax and mixed-media pieces.

"Decorative Work"

> art made using materials commonly found in the decorative painting field mixed with fine art acrylics and more. You will find plasters here, stenciled designs, color field works and all manner of fun art for your home and office spaces.

"Modern Metals"

> a collection of decorative finishes perfect for color field paintings and walls.

"Decorative Finishes"

> sample boards I make exploring various decorative painting materials and the possibilities of their use in creating art combining the different mediums and techniques.

"At Play in the Studio"

> sometimes I just want to play. This is where these works end up. In creating this gallery, I realized I need to remember to do that a little bit more than I do. You will find a wide range of things in this group. Sometimes they are relatively simple interpretations of a particular subject I worked on in pointillism and wanted to see how it turned out in colored pencil or gouache. Some works are just attempts’ at trying out a new style or way of working.

Each element on the periodic table produces shara, narrow bands of colored light when heated. Hydrogen, for example, always emits one red, one yellowish-green, one baby blue, and one indigo band ... 

Sam Kean

Modern Metal Multicolor #1

acrylic paint, acrylic-based plaster on panel

Modern Metal Orange #4

acrylic paint, acrylic-based plaster on panel

Modern Metal Blue #3

acrylic paint, acrylic-based plaster on panel

Main Menu >

Shop >

" Shop " - is the place to go for Prints and Giclées, available original work in all mediums and techniques or anything else on which you might find my work. Custom work is, of course, always an option, but you would need to contact me to begin a discussion on how I may be able to meet your creative or decorative needs.

Shop >

Check Out >

" Check Out " – to review and make your final purchases.

" Terms of Purchase " – all sales are final.


Thoughts, Notes, Rabbit to Wormhole

" Journal " - in the Main Menu category has five second-level subcategories. I call these essays 'wormholes.' Like some of my thought processes, writing at times feels like falling into one! Feel free to Share. Recent Posts – Includes the last six Journal Posts – and is right up front. Before you get to the archive you will find a few other essay entries.

Journal Archive

" Acrylic Pointillism "

> an introductory essay on pointillism and what I find fascinating about this technique.

" Acrylic Pointillism " > " History & Context "

> a few historical references on Pointillism that I find inspiring.

" Coldwax Painting "

> an introductory essay on Oil & Coldwax and why I began to work in this medium.

" Mixed Media "

> an introductory essay on the work and some of the materials I use in my mixed-media projects.

" Journal Archive "

> a complete listing of all the Journal Entries made to date, excluding the above four essays.

Journal Essays

Seasonal Newsletter

Beauty & Inspiration, Direct to your Inbox

"Newsletter" - is a Main Menu single page category and an invitation to join my exclusive email list. Join and you will receive a Seasonal Newsletter, along with the occasional exclusive offer, any notices of special events or exhibits and images detailing the process and progress of specific artworks. I say 'Seasonal' and 'Occasional' because I dislike spam and I think you probably do too.


Don't miss out! Special opportunities & chances to win Art


... is the place

"Contact " - is a single page under the Main Menu. The place to go if you would like to get in touch with me.

Links >


"Links" - connections to my other websites, projects or the many amazing sources of inspiration I have found, and continue to find, making art. These categories include the following items below.

Links >


"craigallenlawver.com" – a website which focuses exclusively on my pointillist art. It was actually my first 'official' website. When I began trying to update the site, I began to explore pagebuilders and wordpress and created the site your on - craigallenlawver.art. 

Links >


"seanallendesignsllc.com" – the business under which my partner, "Rodney Sean Rauch" and I work. Rodney creates beautiful photo mono-print work, is a multi-media artist and poet. I need to get busy on his website.

Links >


"Inspiration" – sources I find inspiring. These are scatter throughout these pages. Books, authors, music and other ephemeral that informs my work as an artist and a human being.


Designing Tools

10 x 10 x 10 Installation at the Wailoa Center in Hilo

3-Dimensional Dots

10 x 10 x 10 Installation at the Wailoa Center in Hilo

Tools & Straw Basket

10 x 10 x 10 Installation at the Wailoa Center in Hilo

Working in a Series

I am inspired by the sciences ...

I think in terms of 'classifications' or a 'series' when I work. There is a loose structure in how different pieces of art fit into a larger narrative. At times, I am uncertain of where in the index a particualr work will fall until it is finished. Some of the artworks could arguably fit into more than one place & are usually interconnected to others in some manner.

The artworks in these 'series' branch out across this site.

... placement is determined by the general category within which I imagined they might fit the most comfortably. For example, there are "Landscape", "Insect Specimens", & "Ocean World," but these categories or broad indexes contain more specific classifications. These are labled in post tags & galleries, making them searchable throughout the site via the search bar at the top of the page or in sidebars throughout.

Great Orange Tip Butterflies

acrylic pointillism on canvas

Sulphur Beetle

acrylic pointillism on canvas

Monarch & Caterpillar

acrylic pointillism on canvas

Search for ...

"Constructed Arrangements"

> overarching system under which most works painted in pointillism find their cosmology. I envision those works fitting into a larger narrative that can be assembled into multi-canvas installations.

"Along the Trail"

> work inspired by the places I have traveled, the trails I have hiked and the splendor I have seen on those journeys.


> endlessly fascinated and inspired by the process of metamorphosis and the insect kingdom.


> a universal symbol of metamorphic processes. References are found in history, in many cultures, and in literature from the spiritual to poetry.

"Clones & Replicants"

> inspired by science fiction fantasies and modern scientific applications. These works are also my version of color field painting  "with a pop-art pointillist twist".

"Digging in the Dirt"

> inspired by playful fossil hunting as a kid. We would comb the fields near our houses in search of ancient remaines. Grounded in both those adventures and as a metaphor for the shifting through memory and experience in search of the mysteries that shape who we become.


> evidence of a long enfatuation with the inhabitants of the water realm. There are many creatures below our breathable surface and fish a great place to begin an exploration given their prevalence in the world’s food chain.


> inspired by the patterns that exist all around us. Patterns are found in the natural world from the visible to the microscopic. Patterns exist in how we think and behave.


> inspired by the flowers and plants of the world.


> inspired by the philosophy of natural selection and the evolutionary process taking place on Earth and the cosmos.

"Heavy Metals"

> a big fan of metal music in my teens. Still love some of the old bands and a few of the new ones. These works find a seed of inspiration in those memories and in our society's facination with, use and abuse, of heavy metals in our environment.


> inspired by my meditation practice. Not necessarily restricted to the 'classic' mandala. I once painted an entire series of mandalas inspired and reminescent of ocean waves.

"Symbols & Cyphers"

> inspired by the symbols and cyphers in culture and history.

"Energy Fields"

> inspired by science and the emerging philosophies of the fields that radiate throughout the quantum universe.

"Virus & Mutation"

> inspired by the virus and its indelible impact on the history of life on Earth.

"Water & Sky"

> the horizon is calling. Inspired by the vastness of the ocean and the sky. Few things are more amazing than that magical line where ocean meets sky at sunset.